Hello, I am Valery,

I was born in 1995 on the Crimean peninsula. I love motorcycles ...

At the age of 17, this love has changed my life dramatically.

I had a very serious motorcycle accident as a pillion. I had a lot of different injuries but the worst, was the loss of my left leg.

This was the beginning of a very difficult time for me, but then I fought my way back to life an I had to accept that my life continues even on one leg.

I have a prosthesis, but walking with it is a pain. After a long period of trying to walk with it I've decided to use underarm crutches.

All people arround me, know me with a smile on my face. I am a fun-loving person and I live a happy life today. I like children and I love to go out and to have party.

I would be happy if you like the photos of me.

Yours Valery