my name is Tanja. I was born in 1978 in Russia. Today I live in Siberia. After I finished school, I made my degree in business

administration at the university. I had a normal life until I had

a serious car accident at the age of 32.


I was sitting on the passenger seat of a car, when the accident

happened , which led to the amputation of my right leg, in the

thigh. My life changed radically. I fell for two years in a deep

crisis, because I saw no more sense in this life.


During this time I came to the rehabilitation center. There I

got my first prosthesis. Unfortunately, I was not able to walk

with it, because the level my amputation is very high. It was

very uncomfortable and painful. That's why I don´t use today

a prosthesis and prefer crutches for walking.


Later, I heard about special men out there, called

“devotees” This news gave me a slow return to a normal life. It gave me the hope, to be able to find a man who loves me and with whom I can be happy.


So I also discovered this website. I really wanted to become part of Natalie's Palace and participate in photo- and video shootings. I love to be photographed. The photo shoot with Natalie gave me more confidence and security in myself. I have started again to love me the way I am and I feel attractive and sexy again. It was a big step for me and I 'm glad I did it.


I see my future life together with a devotee. I think with such a man I can feel desired and get happy.

It would be great, if you like my work here on the website .

Yours Tanja