Hello, I am Sonja. I was born 1971 in Southern Germany. Directly after

my birth, my doctors made a horrible cancer diagnosis. They found

a tumor directly in my right elbow. They saw no other chance to save

my life, than amputating my whole right arm. It was a very difficult

surgery in these days, for such a young baby. I had a lot of luck,

that I survived this whole process.


In the following two years, I had a lot radiation and medicine therapy

to fight against cancer. My parents told me later, that this time was

extremely painful and horrible for me and that I was crying very

often in these tragic months.


When I grew up my parents wanted the best for me. So they always

sent me to special rehabilitations in hospitals. There they wanted

me to learn such stupid things like knitting and other handwork

with my prosthesis. I really hated this. Then I decied for myself to

do all the things with my left hand.


In school I tried it again with my pros and I tried to tell myself, that it

works very good for me. That wasnīt for sure the case. I had a prosthetic

arm with a hook. I was always joshed with the comic name " Captain Hook"

what was really invidious to me.


Later when I was a teenager my orthopedic technicians told me, that now is the time to give away the hook, because the have something brand new amazing for me. It was a cosmetic pros with a real hand and real fingers made of plastic. Wow, that was great. I looked like real and it was possible to polish the nails. I loved it.


Over the years, I became kind of addicted to that pros. I wasnīt able to go out without it. I developed some strategies that made it possible for me, that anybody realized that I am an amputee woman. I always wore the arm and that became a real problem for my spine. The arm was very heavy and I got more and more pain in my spine. During the summer, it was hot and sweaty. But I didnīt want myslf without it.


Today, after nearly fourty years I can look back and say that I made my way. Today without the pros. I show myself the way I am. No reason to hide something. I have a lot of self confidence and I am happy the way my life is today. I even have no problems in the sauna or the swimming pool.

When people stare at me, I kind of enjoy it and think for myself, that they see an unique and attractive lady.


That is what I want you to show here, too. I hope you enjoy it.


Truely yours