Hello, my name is Rebecca. I was born in 1986 in Russia. I was a normal kid until my tale of woe began as a teenager. I was brought to a hospital and the doctors there made a terrible diagnosis, a soft tissue tumor.

It was followed by several years with chemotherapy, radiation, and many

surgeries. Unfortunately, no miracle happened and they could not save

my leg. Right after I graduated I had no choice and I had to agree to a

leg amputation.
Initially, everything was very very hard but then I realized for myself, that life

goes on, even in this difficult situation.


I was very lucky that my first prosthesis was made in Germany. I learned very

fast to deal with it and so we became "friends" - my prosthesis and I. Nowadays

it is very difficult to get a good a prosthesis in my home country but I know

exactly what I need, that I can cope with it. I really hope that I can get a really

good prosthesis in the future.


As I was a child, I had the dream to become a doctor. When I was older, all my doctors told me not to study medicine, because they thought, that there would

be no chance for me to be a good doctor. This profession would be too hard for me. So I began my studies as a teacher. I do not regret to have chosen this profession because I love to learn but in retrospect it would have been great, if I would have tried it. If I had been a bit more self confident, I would probably now have my dream job.


I am a very active person. I work a lot and I like my work. I have many hobbies and I can not calm down. I always want to try and learn something new.

The meeting with Natalie brought me a big step forward and changed the perspective on my life: You have to accept yourself the way you are and not the way you would like to be. Love yourself the way you are!


I've learned that I can do whatever I want. I can set goals and achieve them. I do not have the obstacles, which I have always been told in the last ten years.

I would like to continue to develop myself further, I'm hungry for knowledge, I would like to learn foreign languages, I want to travel all over the world, I want to learn another job and I want to have a happy family with children. I know that I can achieve all this; the most important thing is, that I believe in myself.


Working and modeling with Natalie has changed my live and my own self confidence with it.  I hope you like the result of my journey.


Yours Rebecca