Hello I am Nina.

I was born in the days of the Moscow Olympics, in a beautiful small town,

where great Russian writers Pushkin and Gorky used to work .

Sometimes I think that in a past life I lived in Paris. But no matter

 what people said about the Soviet Union, I had a happy childhood. I was

 agile and inquisitive and had difficulty focusing on just one thing which

would be the most interesting, so I went in for sports and macrame,

embroidering and riding a bicycle, I sang in the choir and attended

drama classes, developed films in a dark bathroom with my dad and

at the weekends, baked cakes with mum. When I turned six, I took

up professional sports - athletics, and I also was a model as a young

girl. But one day everything changed and so did my life. What changed

instantly, first of all, was the concept of "beauty" and "life" for me. I suddenly

learnt how fragile physical beauty is, and if you have nothing inside, no

backbone or willpower, once you lose a part of life - you lose it all.

I am now a certified psychologist and manager, I have two university degrees, but, unfortunately, there is no good job for me, because our society does not always meet the needs of people like me.


In Russia, people with disabilities are often embarrassed to go out because of the unfriendly atmosphere. And many of my friends shut themselves off the world, but I just can not and do not want that.

I am very sociable and without communication, I can not imagine my life. So I have an active lifestyle, I go to different events, do sports, drive a car, and travel. I don't want to focus on the bad, looking for the bright side, and cultivating the positive in my life. I smile a lot and I can't help expressing my emotions. I am an optimistic person and my optimism is contagious.

Through my experience I seek to prove that nothing is impossible in this life ... where there's a will, there's a way! And no matter how complex twists of fate are, I try to keep my heart warm ... it makes it so much easier to cope!))))


I have many hobbies. I jump with a parachute, travel to Russia and Europe, I go with friends to the movies and theaters, I love taking photos, as well as posing for them as a model. I watch a lot of various movies and read various books. I follow fashion trends. Now my new  hobby is English and I dream of reading Shakespeare in the original. The ideal of femininity and beauty for me is Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Anna Dello Russo.


My credo is: «Beauty will save the world, and all the diseases are treated by love, kindness and mutual understanding»

And I love dreaming. I used to dream of studying at the Vienna Institute of Psychology of Freud, and this is one of those dreams that will remain a dream. There are other romantic dreams.


I dream of walking through Paris, the city of lights and love in the arms of the man I love.


I dream of watching our happy babies.


I dream of launching a charity.


I dream and my dreams come true!


Dare to dream, and all your dreams will come true)


Yours Nina