Hello, I'm Nadia.
I was born in 1988 in Belarus. My life was completely normal, until I had a serious train accident in 2011. 

At that day, I went to my work as a shop assistant, when I was invited by my

colleagues to go after work to a disco. I was always very active and liked to

go out, so I could not deny this invitation. After work, I wanted to go home

quickly, to style myself up before we start in the night.

I hurried and I was careless when I was at the railway station close to my house.
The train hit me and so I lost my leg. I try not to think about it. It is not long ago, so

I still have my problems talking about this day.

Since that day, the last year was the worst in my life.
There were so much things that I had to learn new on one leg. It was horrible.

During this time I also had painfully to learn the difference between real friends

and "real friends".

These days I mostly use crutches because I am still not used to my prosthetic leg.


While I was browsing the web, I discovered the whole devotee thing.

I was very curious und so learned a lot about it in the last months. I was very curious on the reaction from men on my new body. I had for sure from the beginning also very bad experiences. I learned not to answer questions like: "Do you like being onelegged ?"

Such things hurt me deeply.


Today when I look back, despite all pain and difficulties, I am happy to be alive. I have lost my leg, but my brain still works and my heart, too. Today I can see this a big gift.

I am very optimistic and outgoing. I never let something slow me down. I always try to see the positive sides of a situation and so I came to Natalie's Palace.

I hope you like my work here.


Yours Nadia.