Hi, I am Natalie. I was born in 1983 in Lithuania. I live now for several

years in Germany. I lost my leg in 1991 below my knee while I was

playing on the railtracks. I had a lot of luck that I survived the accident

with a freight train. Beside my leg i had several other injuries but most

of them are healed so well that there is nearly nothing left today.

I started with my own website because it was forever my dream since

childhood to model. I dreamed the same dream like nearly every

female teenager in my age but for me it seemed a lot farer away than

for all the other girls. As I discovered the devoteecommunity while

browsing the web I was very soon also fancy taking pictures of myself.

Today I would say it is my hobby because I enjoy standing in front of

the camera. It gives me a real good feeling to do that for guys who

donīt see me as a poor disabled girl but as a attractive lady. My website

helped me to pay my debts that I made for buying me a new c-leg after my reamputation. Thanks a lot for all of you who helped me.

I intend to make really cute and cool photos and videos for you and

I think in the last year, you saw that it was a great beginning.


I lived most of my life with my below the knee amputation so that I nearly canīt remember what is life with to legs. I think you call it lbk. In 2004 doctors advise me that  I need to have a reampuation above my knee. At first I disavowed it and denied this. I had a lot surgeries over the years on my stump because there were very often different problems with it. It got worse and worse so I had inexpressible pain. I consulted different doctors in Lithuania and Germany and all told me that I will need this surgery and that it is only a question of time when it has to be done. So I adjusted with it. I am now since a few month an above the knee amputee. You would call it LAK I think. At first I was very frightened when I saw it because I didnīt imagine my stump that short when my doctors talked about the way it will be. Now I can say it was a good decision because I can walk again every day a bit better and I have nearly no pain anymore.

Being an amputee was especiaally difficult when I was a teenager but I managed also this part of my life. Today, I think that I am not much different to all the other women out there. I love me the way I am and I donīt think about how life on two legs could be. I love to dress up sexy and I go out the way I am. I am a lifeloving person and I try to make the best out of every situation. I am very curious what this new step with my own website will mean for me. I am very proud of that I made my way until here and I hope that you will enjoy my pictures and all the things you see here.

I am looking forward for feedback from you, drop me a line! I ask you also not to put my things from here to Devotella, Yahoo or on all the other sites in the web. Please respect this!!!

Best regards to all of you everywhere outside in the world wide web!!!!

Yours Natalie