Hello I am Merrill,

I was born in the Ukraine and I still live there today. When I was five years old, I had an train accident on the way to the kindergarten. My sister saved my live, because she pulled me just in time out from below the train. The result of my accident was the amputation of my left leg, very high in the thigh.  

Six months later I got my first prosthesis in a rehabilitation center. I did not like to wear it because the leg was very heavy. From the beginning the prosthesis was uncomfortable and slowed my down.

After I finished school, I studied to become a bookkeeper. With the first job, my independent live began. I worked and  I married three years later. Unfortunately my husband died at the age of 29.

Later other men stepped into my life. I worked for years in a steel company. I live an active life and I never had complexes with my appearance. I always had a lot of friends, who accepted me the way I am.  Life is wonderful! I like myself most on crutches. I feel comfortable and light-footed. At home I use mostly a single crutch and I walk with it like if I would have two "legs". 

In my homeland is war at the moment. That's why I was forced to flee and leave my home.  I am used dealing with challenges and thats why I'm sure that I will manage this situation, too. I always see the goal not the obstacles.

Very surprisingly I discovered one year ago that there are devotees out there. This was really astonishing for me. This was the beginning of my way to Natalies Palace.

I wish to be an example for other girls, showing there is a good live with a disability and they should not waste time looking back. Life is wonderful, that's it!
I truly believe, that you like my videos and images here.

Yours Merrill.