I'm Kate. I was born on the beautiful Crimea. I was an active child, like

probably most other children. I've always loved to dance. For this

reason, my mother brought me to dance lessons when I was in

the second grade. I was very happy but unfortunately the

happiness lasted not for long. I hurt my leg. At first, it did

not hurt very much but it was getting worse day after day.

Because of that I had to give up dancing again and my mom

took me out off the lessons. After some time we drove to a

hospital. There, I was told that I have a tumor.

At first this was not malignant. They lost a lot of time and made a

lot of examinations. Then I was sent to another hospital. After

further examinations and a biopsy I got an infection in my leg. Then

I was taken to a third hospital. They made the terrible diagnosis of bone

cancer. After another seven months, seven surgeries and intensive

medication my liver began to fail. Thereupon, the doctors decided to

amputate my leg. I was terrified and thought my life is over.

But I was wrong. I tried to walk with a prosthesis. But that did not work out.

It was hard and uncomfortable but I did not give up. All the friends I had

previously deceived me. By the time I made new friends. With them, my

activity increased more and more. I was admired for my courage, I liked

that very much. I had many ups and downs in my life but I never gave up. I

found and married a loving man.

As Natalie made the offer to join the Palace, I was very skeptical. Through

the support of my husband, I decided to try it. I am very happy that I did it,

because I could try something for me completely new.

I love traveling and being in different areas. I love to talk to interesting

people. One of my favorite things are my three dogs. My ultimate goal is to

buy a house with a garden for us and our four-legged friends. I'm sure I will

reach my goal even if it is a very big financial challenge.

I hope, you like my work on Natalie's Palace.

Yours  Kate