Hello, I am Julia,


I was born in1983 in the city of Rzhev in Russia.Today I live in Moscow.

When I was 15 years old my left leg started to hurt. My parents took me to a child surgeon to examine my leg. Unfortunately the doctor made a serious miss

diagnosis and prescribed a heat therapy treatment for me which was

completely counterproductive.The pain went away and came back in

periods. After 6 months the pain had become very extreme, it was clear

that something in my leg was not the way it should be. After this long

period of  incorrect treatment the doctor decided i should have an  x-ray,

and after that the horrible diagnosis was made: Osteosarcoma.

The doctor had waited far to long and thats why the cancer was in a very

late stage. At first they thought they could save my leg with an artificial knee

but after a few days it was clear that it had spread up to my hip. I then had  chemotherapy, this was horrible. In this period I knew already that I would

lose my leg. I had enough time to adjust to this terrible diagnosis, this was

the only option to save my life. I shocked my mother when I was standing

in front of the mirror, hiding my leg to look what it would be like after my

surgery. The chemotherapy continued for a long period after my leg was



It took me 18 months to get healthy again. After all that my weight was 30 kg

for a 16 year old teenager.   

When i left the hospital I got my first prosthesis and made my first steps  in my new life. I wore my pros the whole day and took it off only at night. My friends helped me a lot to find a way back to my normal daily life. They never left me alone and took me out everywhere they went.


My prosthesis caused me a lot problems. It was unfomfortable and warm. It was difficult to find matching clothes for it. In this time all of my friends wore short skirts and nice shoes. I  always wore very wide pants to hide my pros. I was very uncomfortable in male company I felt I needed to hide my disability,I noticed guys seemed very shy & nervous in my company when we went out.


One day I saw a TV-report about men who admirer amputee women. I was shocked - but shocked in a positive way. My first thought was that there was a chance for me to find a man who would love me as i am. I started to research & found several webpages and decided to see if i could model myself ,i always loved to be photographed,i modeled for several websites,this gave me the chance to free myself from my complexes and I learned to go out in public without my prosthesis and dress myself as I always wanted to. It gave me a lot self confidence and i started to find myself attractive again the way I am.

My self confidence grew i met a lovely man who is now my husband. When we go out he is proud to have a one legged woman with him, this makes me feel very happy. In my opinion only a devotee can make an amputee feel like this :-).


I work as a book keeper in a small store in Moscow. I like my work but for someone who is as creative as i am find it very dull & exacting. That is why i enjoy so much the excitement of modeling . I am happy that I met Natalie and that we became friends. Natalie & i are both partners of the website.i find this work great fun & enjoy it greatly, I hope we can continue for a long time making videos & pictures for you all.


Best wishes