Hello, my name is Hanna. I was born in 1990 in Russia. When I was a child, I lost at first my left leg and then the right one.

I was 13, when  my doctors had to amputate my left leg because of cancer. There was no chance to save it. A month later, I had the same pain in the remeining leg, the diagnosis was again the same. It is a very rare case when this happens, but at that time the doctors were able to save

 my right leg.


Then I broke my remaining leg and I needed many surgeries to

 heal it again. In the end, there was no other choice, then the

amputation of my right leg, too. I regret nothing, because it

was difficult to live with a leg, I was not able to use.

During all these years I had been studying at school. At that

time I discovered my passion for foreign languages. After

school, I entered the university, my profession today is

interpreter/translator. I would like to continue my studies, and

I want to get other skills, which have to do with languages.

After my studies at the university I got married, but unfortunately it

was not longer that one year. It happened just because a small

strong woman was not allowed to be weak girl. But it is important

for a woman to feel a strong manís support.

I have never felt myself unique. I am who I am. I donít know another

 life. I have a wonderful family and great friends. I never feel bored

with them, and I try them not to feel bored, because with such a mad

person as I am, you will not get bored ever)))


When I got the offer from Natalie to become a part of the Palace I agreed in a minute. This work helped me a lot to be more relaxed. Sometimes it is good to get a positive kick and today I love myself more than before, because I realized that Iím an attractive woman. Well, at that moment I can say there is happiness.


Yours Hanna