Hello, I am Delfina. I was born in the year 1985 in Russia. In the year 2002

as I was 17 years old, I finished school and started at an university. In

this summer I had an horrible accident that changed my life completely. I

tried to rescue my cat from my neighbours balkony. My neighbour wasnīt

at home and my cat wasnīt able to get back from his balkony. So I tried

to climb to the other balkony. Unfortunately I lost my balance and fell down

from the fifth floor.


I was very severe injured and my doctors fighted two days to save

my life. Nearly all bones in my body were broken. Including the spine

two times. They rebuilt me like a puzzle. Unfortunately they werenīt

able to rescue my leg and so they had to amputate it above my knee.


When I woke up and realized the situation, I didnīt feel sorry for my

missing leg. I was very happy that i am allowed to continue my life.

My rehabilitation was a long and painfull time. I try not to remember

those days. The worst  thing was, when I came slowly to the conclusion that

sports and in particular volleyball will never be part of my life again.


I am a very active person and I had the support from my friends from the

beginning of my new life. They made a almost normal life possible for

me. I had everything all other people have, like friends, work,

adventures and relationships. I had no problems with males in these years.


I really donīt like compassion. My life is wonderful I'm satisfied with it and I had a lot luck. Not long ago I heard the first time about devotees. This new knowledge brought a lot positiveness in my life. At first I was surprised, but much more I was curious. I wanted to know more about that. I read everything I found on the web and had conversations with some of them.


Today I can say that I still donīt know much about devotees because all people are different. What gives me a very good feeling is, that those guys think that my onelegness isnīt a handicap, it's more like an advantage compared to twolegged women.


As you can guess, I didnīt come to Natalie by accident. I want to show other disabled women that we are appreciated the way we are, with our special beauty. That life continues and that there is no reason to hide at home.

"The people arround us, see us the way we present ourselves to them"


I hope the like the videoclips and the images we produced for you.


With very kind regards.

Yours Delfina