my name is Christiane. I was born in 1982 in Russia. After finishing school, I started my studies in the finance and banking industry, which I completed in 2004. I worked in my job, had a lot fun with my friends and I enjoyed life to the fullest. I had a great time like most other people in my age without any real worries.

In October 2010, my life has changed completely due to an accident. I had a terrible car accident in which I was

so seriously injured, that my doctors

had no other choice than amputating

my leg at the thigh. I stayed over a

month in hospital. I had no idea how my

life can continue with only one leg. It was just

shocking. The only positive thing I could recognize was the fact that I was still alive.

The day came, when I left the hospital. Thanks to my family and my friends, who took care of me at home and did not leave me alone, I was able to recover quickly. Mentally and physically.
As I was not able to leave the house I spent a lot of time in the virtual world. It did not take long when I came the first time in touch with devotees. Initially, I was very surprised that there are such people out there. After the first conversations, I've found piece by piece out, that this is not necessarily bad.
It has given me self-confidence slowly that even now, I can be sexy in a man's eyes. Six months after my amputation, I got my first prosthesis. In the first time with her, I've taken it off only rarely and did not step outside without it. I felt not comfortable without the prosthesis even though it was often inconvenient and uncomfortable. Due to the fact, that there are devotees out there I regained a feeling of still being attractive.

Piece by piece I've stopped listening to other people's opinions and have paid attention to myself, what is important for me and what my heart tells me. During this time I met Natalie. We became friends. She was a good example for me of how to be beautiful even with such a disability, work as a model a live a full life. So I came to Germany and became part of Natalies Palace.This experience has given me confidence and self-awareness for myself and my way and now I can say that I am free of any constraints and satisfied with myself. I hope that other women in the same situation can take this as an example for their own lifes and that life with a disability can be a wonderful life, too.



Yours Christiane