Hello my name is Carolina,

I was born in 1986. I live in Kherson in Ukraine. I had a normal life. After

leaving school, I studied, then I got married and had children, two

boys. My life ran like being in a hamster wheel until Sylvester 2015 .

As we wanted to get a little distance from our daily life, we

have brought our children to the grandmother and we wanted to

celebrate new year's eve with friends. At the party was great and it was

very funny. We drove for the fireworks to a large river in our area. We

had plenty of fireworks with us and also a hunting rifle.

During the party the rifle landed at a guy who could not deal with it

because he had drunk too much. Then happened my great misfortune.

He shot with a shotgun blast at me and hit my leg. The shot destroyed all

veins and vessels. My friends brought me immediately to the hospital. I lost

a lot of blood and the doctors fought for a long time for my life. When I woke

up the doctors had implanted artificial veins in my leg. My leg was thick in

bandages and i had strong medication. They hoped that it begins to heal.

But the efforts were in vain. After two weeks in the hell I was told that my leg

can not be saved and an amputation was the only way to survive. The next

day I had the surgery. The pain was terrible and I have shed many tears.

After a few months I recovered slowly from the amputation.

I am a very strong woman, I have a loving husband, the best children, carin

relatives and faithful friends who helped me to life an active life again. In

addition, I have met many good people online. Among them is Natalie, a

very unusual person in my life. she showed me in her very special way

again how wonderful life is.

I have no shame in public, run my household alone, meet up with my friends,

like to go out and I love traveling.

My big dream is a new car with which I can drive again, because I was a

passionate car driver before my accident.

Basically, my life has not changed much, except that I wear today a

prosthesis and that I need crutches. I try to live my life the best, because we

only have one. I want to be an example for other women in a similar

situation and I hope that you like my work at Natalie's Palace.

Sincerely yours Carolina