Hello my name is Anastasia,

I was born in 1991 in Russia, where I still live today. I have started and

completed a law degree after school. I had a normal life, like all

other people, I went to work and made little by little career. That

all ended abruptly in the summer 2014. I had a terrible car

accident. I was on the passenger seat in a car that crashed into

a truck head-on. My left arm was ripped off. I had other severe

injuries and spent a month in hospital where many other surgeries

were performed. It was a bad time with much pain but I have at no

time lost my courage and my strength. It was kind of surreal to

become disabled and terrible to lose everything but I've been

through all this upright.

I am happy that I am still alive and I was supported by many people since

the accident, What helped my very much through this time.

I do not wear prosthesis and I do not feel ashamed of my appearance.

I wear beautiful clothes that may be also open sometimes. Of course,

people look at me and the reactions are different each time. Some respond

with compassion, some with respect and some are just curious.

I am a positive and open-minded person and I am sure that you will like my

photos and videos.


Yours Anastasia