Video 31

Beautiful Heels Part 1 remastered



This is the long awaited and promised high heel clip. It's for all those, who want to see me walking in all those beautiful high heels from the imagesets.

The huge ammount of different scenes made it necessary, to cut this clip in two parts, for the first time. So we have 2x7walking- and posingscenes. Both parts include a lot of detailed footage from a lot different points of view.

You will already know several shoes and  outfits , some are new. For each high heel I have matching clothes. I use several different forearm- and underarmcrutches, the pegleg and for the first time, my prosthetic leg with a small heel.

You will discover some heels are easy to walk and some are real challenges. 

With the release of Beautiful Heels part 3 und 4 this video was completely remastered and enhanced. Colors and settings were revised, the footage was deshaked und the whole video is now in 1080i Full HD resolution. The new full resolution is for the downloads and the Blue Ray discs.

In addition to this, another unpublished sequences with another high heel and one more outfit was added to the video.

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  This particular video is no longer available.