Video 194




Natalie bought a bottle of whine and goes home to enjoy the evening. She drinks a glass of whine and remembers the old days while browsing in a photobook.

This video is something very special. After a lot of requests for old footage from Natalie, here it is.

This video contains digitalized footage from an old videocamera, from a familymember of Natalie. The few minutes show Natalie dancing, doing sports and in a TV show.

You can see that she had the love for high heels in this age, what caused here ban in the sporting event due to inappropriate clothing.

The prosthetic leg with the heel and the overstressing was the beginning of the problems with her stump, what caused her revision surgery later.

Natalie wears jeans and a negligee. The whole video has a lot of stairs and barefoot scenes.

Nearly the whole video is with the original sound.







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