Why did you lose your arm?
  I was born with cancer in my right elbow. To save my live, the doctors decided that it was necessary to ampute my whole right arm.  
  Do you wear Prosthesis?

Today I donīt wear my prothesis but in the past I was kind of

addicted to this thing. I thought I am not a complete

woman without it. Today I am able to laugh about

this times. 

  Can you feel your arm?
  I can't feel my arm. I had it only for 14 days in my life.
  Do you have phantom pain?
  Nothat's why I have no phantom pain.
  Does your disability limit you in daily life?

No it doesnīt. I do all thing people with two arms do. I have

a job, I can drive a car, I do sports and I travel all over the world.

  What kind of the feeling is your stump for yourself?
  My stump is for me like my third breat. It is very soft and feels good.
  Do you like when you stump is touched?
  Yes, I like it very much. I feels very good and I even like to be kind of intimate with it.
  What do you think about devotees?
  I am very positive about devotees. I am happy that there are man out there who give ne the feeling that I am with my single arm someone special for them.
  Is it possible to meet you or to phone with you?
  Yes. It is possible It depends on sympathy. I am always open to new things in life and perhabs one day there is Mr. Right. I already met Devotees before I joined this site. 
  Are you married?
  No, I am single and I would be happy to meet Mr. Right.
  Do you have children?
  No, but I wouldn+t be afraid if Mr. Right would have children. I would be happy about that.
  What do you think about sharing your images and clips?
  No, I really donīt like it. It's really work to produce these pictures and videos. We invest our time and itīs completely disrespectful when this work is stolen and pirated.
  What hobbies do you have?
  I like to be out with friend, like to drive arround with my convertible car. I love to travel and enjoy being lazy at home. I like jogging and going to the gym to keep my body in shape.
  What is your shoesize?
  In european sizes I need 41.
  How tall are you?
  I am 180 cm tall. .
  Do you like pets?
  Yes, I have a cat. Her name is "Maggy". She came to my house ten years ago and decided to stay with me. Obviously she feels good being with me.