Why did you lose your leg?
  When I wqas 22 years old  I had a train accident.
  Can you remember anything about that?
  I can exactly remember all details. From the accident until the table in the operating room.
  Do you wear prosthesis?
  I wear my prothesis not very often. I am still not used to it.
  Do you also use crutches or a wheelchair?
  Yes, I use crutches but I have no wheelchair.
  What kind of crutches do you use?
  I prefer underarm crutches.
  Do you have phantom pain?
  Yes I very severe phantom pain mostly when I am nervous. It feels like small electric shocks.
  What kind of the feeling is your stump for yourself?
  It's kind of an intersting feeling. I thin intersting is the right word to describe it.
  Do you like when you stump is touched?
  I enjoy it when it is touched very soft.
  What do you think about devotees?
  When I heard the first time about devotees I was very intersted in the topic from the beginning. I am really intersted in their way of thinking about women.
  Is it possible to meet you or to phone with you?
  It depends.... But why not?
  Do you wear shorts and skirts outside the house?
  Yes, I like to wear skirts and dresses. I feel more feminine with it.
  Would you show more of yourself in your photosets?
  I will never pose nude.
  What do you think about sharing your images?
  I totally deny it.
  Are you married?
  No, I am single and searching
  Do you have children?
  No, but I urgently want to have children in the future.
  What hobbies do you have?
  I like everything that has to do with hair.
  What is your shoesize?
  How tall are you?
  Do you like pets?
  I like pets, but I doŽ't have one.