Why did you lose your leg?

I had a train accident when I was five years old.

  Do you remember what happened?
  Yes I can remember every second. Starting when I climbed under the train, the train rolling over me and the trip to the hospital.
  Do you wear a prosthesis?
  I usually don´t wear a prosthesis. Only sometimes. I still can not adjust to it.
  Do you use cructches or a wheelchair?
  I am usually on crutches. I prefer underarm crutches. I don´t have a wheelchair.
  Do you have phantom pain?
  What do you think about devotees?
  As I heard the first time about devotees, I was very interested in this topic from the beginning. I browsed the web for every piece of information. I am really happy about their existence.
  What do you think about sharing your images?
  I really hate when my images and videos are spread all over the web.
  What kind of clothes do you like?
  I like to dress up and I like the attention i get from people. I don´t feel ashamed for myself.
  Would you show more of yourself?
  Are you married?
  No, but I am in a relationship.
  Is it possible to meet you or to phone with you?
  No, I am in a relationship.
  Do you have children?
  No, but I would love to have them one day.
  How tall are you?
  Do you like pets?
  Yes, especially cats.
  What hobbies do you have?
  I love swimming, walking int he forrest, travelling, reading and I enjoy watching movies in the cinema.