Why did you lose your leg?
  I had a bad accident. I fell from the fifth floor as I tried to rescue my cat. .  
  Can you remember it?

I can remember nearly anything. I tend to forget the

bad things in my life very quick.

  Do you use a prosthesis?

I have a prosthesis, but i donīt use it very often. It

limits me very much and causes pain in my spine.

That's why I prefer cructches.

  How do you move at home?

I use crutches. Due to my injuries on my remaining foot, I am

unable to hop.

  What kind of crutches do you use?
  I use underarm crutches. I learned to walk with them in rehabilitation and I feel well using them.
  Do you have phantom pain?
  No, but I have phantom sensations. I can feel each cell in my missing leg. Sometimes it tickles that much, that I have to press my stump to appease the itching.
  What kind of the feeling has your stump for yourself?
  My stump is my "small leg" to which I give a lot of care and attention. Probably it's a kind of tenderness.
  Do you like when you stump is touched?
  Yes, I like it but only the special way I want to have it. It's an indescribeable feeling.
  What do you think about devotees?
  Devotees are very interesting people. For me it's still a bit like a mystery. I have a very strong interest to learn more about them.Until now, I got a very kind and nice insight in all these topics. But overall it's good to know that there are man out there, who like me the way I am.
  What kind of clothes do you like?
  That depends on my mood. I can change my clothes several times a day. I enjoy wearing skirts, dresses pants and all the tight things. I am not limited due to my disability.
  Is it possible to meet you or to phone with you?
  That depends on a lot things, but I would say it's not out of question.
  Do you have children?
  No, but I love them. I think children are wonderful.
  What hobbies do you have?
  I like to travel. I want to learn more about foreign countries and cultures. My major hobby is, to make my life as diversified as possible.
  What is your shoesize?
  In european sizes I need a 38.
  How tall are you?
  I am 164 cm tall. .
  Do you like pets?
  Yes, if cats than longhaired and if dogs than large ones.
  Do you have a big dream?
  I want to try skydiving and a journey arround the world.