Why did you lose your leg?
  When I was 28 years old, I had a horrific misfortune on new years eve. A friend shot at my leg with a shotgun.  
  Can you remember anything about that?
  Yes, I can remember everything from the shot until the surgery.
  Do you have phantom pain?
  Very rare, only when the weather changes.
  Do you wear a prosthesis?
  Yes, but I prefer crutches.
  Do you use crutches?
  No, I don't like wheelchairs. I only use cructches or a prosthesis.
  What kind of crutches do you prefer?
  I use underarm and forearm crutches but I prefer the forearmcrutches.
  What do you think about devotees?
  I think positive about devotees. They have the potential to make an amputee woman happy. Therefor it needs respect.
  Is it possible to meet you?
  No, I am happily married.
  Do you have children?
  Do you wear shorts and skirts outside the house?
  Yes, I love them. I like to dress up and I always try to look attraktive and sexy.
  Would you show more of yourself in your photosets?
  No, a woman needs to keep some of her secrets.
  What do you think about sharing your images?
  It really hurts me. It's like having completely no respect for my work.
  Do you have hobbies?
  I like to photograph and everything that has to do with styling and fashion.
  What is your dream?
  I would like to work abroad as make-up artist and photographer. I would like to travel all arround the world. I would love to learn english and my biggest dream is to have and drive a car again.