Why did you lose your leg?

When I was 26 years old, in the last months of my pregnancy with my child, I suddenly had severe pain in my leg. Because of the pregnancy it was not possible to do something against it, I had to wait until the birth of my daughter. After childbirth, they made several medical checkups

that ended with the terrible diagnosis cancer. So it seemed

to me, at least at that time. The doctors tried for five years

to save my leg - without success. After years of the worst

pain I approved the amputation of my leg. I wanted to

get back  my life without pain - the faster the better.

In fact, it was the happiest day in my life - the first

day without pain.

  Do you wear prosthesis?
  Yes, I wear prosthesis, but right now I am not able tomuse it.
  Do you also use crutches or a wheelchair?
I usually go with prosthesis or crutches. I use a wheelchair for long distances.
  What kind of crutches do you use?
It is important to me that they are comfortable. Most of all, I like forearm crutches.
  Do you have phantom pain?
After the amputation, I had severe phantom pain but then I learned to deal with it. For me this is pure mind game. But sometimes I feel my leg when the weather changes.
  What kind of the feeling is your stump for yourself?
My stump is my little leg. It requires the same amount of attention as my long leg does.
  Do you like when you stump is touched?
More likely yes than no. My body is very sensitive and I like light touches. So it is with my stump, too.
  What do you think about devotees?
  My friend told me about those men. I am very curious about it. I think such men give women like me a perfect chance to be treated like all other women.
  Is it possible to meet you or to phone with you?
  HHMMM  I don't know. I am marriedbut I am curious , too. So I really canīt say this at the moment.
  Do you wear shorts and skirts outside the house?
  I like very feminine clothes today as much as I liked it before my amputation. I donīt mind the reaction of the people.
  Would you show more of yourself in your photosets?
  There are things they should be kept in fantasy.
  What do you think about sharing your images?
  I totally deny it.
  Are you married?
  Is your husband devotee?
  No, he is not a devotee and I think this is not good.
  Do you have children?
  Yes, I have two nearly adult children.
  What hobbies do you have?
  I have several hobbies. I knit, I crochet, I embroider and I enjoy real loud music. I like to read and I really love to cook.
  What is your shoesize?
  How tall are you?
  Do you like pets?
  Yes, for sure.