Why do you charge 6 Euros shipping costs for the mail/downloadoption?
  I am sorry, this is at first a technical problem. I canīt choose in my shop solution different ways of shipping costs for each order. I also must tell you, that the download/mail option needs much more effort from me, than the DVD version because I canīt handle the downloadarea myself. I do my best to satisfy everyone but its always a compromise between a easy and safe solution and a way that I can handle for my small shop. It would be great if you handle it as "handling expenses" because its much more than only the postal rate.
  How long does it take to get my download information?
  Please give me 24-48 hours as I have no automated system. I am not the whole day at the computer, as I have a job and a normal life, too.
  Is it possible to meet you or take part at photoshootings?
  No, the Palace organizes completely no meetings or events like this.
  Can I get the e-mailaddress or the telephonenumber of one of your models?
  Sorry again no. We donīt give out personal data of the models. If the model does it herself - ok.
  I have no answer on my E.mail, why?
  I am sorry, I get so many E-mails I try to answer all but it takes a long time. A lot of my answers go to the spamfolder. Please checkt this folder, too.