If you arenīt a Paypal user or if you have problems with

the onlineshop solution, I have here a simple way

to order a license for private use via postal

service. Download the order form, complete

 it and send it to my postal address. For cash

sendings I assume no liability so you

do this on your own risk.




I have now a possibility for a normal bank

transaction in Europe. For the details please

write me a short E-mail.


If you have another idea in which way you want

to order send me also an E-Mail.

  Click here for the order form:

  The Pdf dokument opens in a new window. If not, please download the form with a right mouseklick and "save as"...
  Thanks a lot


Nataliesīs Address:
Natalies Palace
Postfach 25
73554 Mutlangen